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Founded in 2017, Artistic Lineage, LLC is a member-owned company dedicated to producing the finest Handmade Oil Colors. 

Here's Our Story - We do hope you give Artistic Lineage a try!


After graduating from LSU in 1982 –with a BFA in painting and drawing, Cindy Rodger noticed changes in the handling properties of artist oil colors she was purchasing. (This was a time many companies were moving away from drying oils to semi-drying oils.) Cindy began researching traditional materials and practices (even as far back as the 1500s) to see how oil colors capable of mark-making like seen in paintings by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Klimt – to name a few – were formulated. This research also included a study of conservation science.

In practice, Cindy began to hand-mull oil colors from various drying oils and lightfast pigments. It became apparent that pigments ground with washed, cold-pressed linseed oil possessed a unique elasticity, a pleasant feel under the brush, and made the most durable, tough paint film. It was also evident how additions of fillers such as chalk (found in student-grade oils and impasto putty) always resulted in a weaker paint film.

With new respect for oil painting tradition, conservation science, and her practical findings – all pointing to the superior properties of (washed) cold-pressed linseed oil, ARTISTIC LINEAGE, LLC. was formed, dedicated to manufacturing professional, intensely pigmented, Handmade Oil Colors free of fillers, chemical additives, driers, and inferior pigments.

In The Art Spirit, Robert Henri writes, "I believe very much in the importance of a thorough study of the materials used. Their quality as to durability. An artist may not be a chemist, but he can ascertain much from the books written by authorities.” 

We especially wish to acknowledge conservation scientists and conservators (working with art institutions and museums) who strive to preserve monumental works of art and instruct on their findings. We rely heavily upon their published papers in this venture. 



 Our Members


Cindy Rodger- Paint Master / R & D / Visual Artist 

Jonathan Rodger- Pigment Manufacturing Manager

Naomi Durman- Graphic Designer

James Murray Rodger- Videographer / Photographer

Vicki LaBarthe- Admin / CPA