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Ultramarine Blue

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Binder: Virgin cold-pressed oils: Linseed and Walnut oil blend, washed
 PB 29 / Inorganic: complex silicate of sodium and aluminum with sulfur 77007
1 / excellent

Ultramarine Blue pigment is the synthetic form of natural gemstones ultramarine (lapis lazuli), yet greatly surpassing it in tinting strength. 

Our Ultramarine Blue is by far the most time-consuming and complicated oil color we make, fortunately, our cold-pressed drying oils contain the inherent fatty acids necessary to properly wet the pigment without adding problematic wetting agents such as aluminum stearate. It is extremely water-resistant and archival. It has a long (but manageable) consistency, is highly thixotropic — able to stand tall in a mound and with slight agitation brush out! [Commonly - because of the level of difficulty in making ultramarine blue into a usable paint - aluminum stearate is added to create a gelled consistency.

Conforms to ASTM D4236. Conforms to ASTM D4302

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